Bill O’Reilly tosses Bob Costas softballs over his anti Second Amendment rant during halftime on Football Night in America (Video)

bill-oreilly_0I love it when Bill O’Reilly hypes his interviews with leftists as tough, and ‘hard hitting.’ BillO always manages to disappoint when it comes to confronting leftists. The only times he’s actually been tough on them was the epic interview with Barney Frank years ago and challenging an atheist fascist over his war on Christmas last week. Otherwise, O’Reilly is full of hot air as usual and backs down. Tonight he hyped an interview ‘challenging’ anti 2nd amendment NBC hack Bob Costas and let Costas spew his crap without much of a challenge. Costas doubled and tripled down on his anti-gun spew. But since Costas and O’Reilly are such good buddies, it didn’t seem to matter much in this interview. O’Reilly is tougher when he interviews conservatives than he was with Bob Costas.

Sorry, not impressed.

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