Clueless Ann Coulter – Republicans should cave and give Obama tax hikes on the rich (Video)

ann-coulter-hackWhat the hell has happened to Ann Coulter? This is the woman that the left so viciously hates? She’s a bigger RINO than John Boehner. Ann Coulter who has a crush on Chris Christie, suggested Mitt Romney should campaign in Illinois during the campaign, and pick Jon Kyl as his running mate is now suggesting that Republicans should cave to Obama’s demands and raise taxes on the so called ‘evil rich’ because they will get the blame if they don’t and the economy sucks. Get a clue Ann! Republicans will get the blame no matter what happens! The media is corrupt, the Republican’s messaging sucks and Obama never gets blamed for any of his failures. I don’t know what the hell has happened to Ann Coulter. Even Sean Hannity, who likes to say four or five times a night how he’s a registered conservative, rather than a Republican every night then sucks up to establishment RINOs seemed visibly agitated.

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