Clueless Ann Coulter – Republicans should cave and give Obama tax hikes on the rich (Video)

ann-coulter-hackWhat the hell has happened to Ann Coulter? This is the woman that the left so viciously hates? She’s a bigger RINO than John Boehner. Ann Coulter who has a crush on Chris Christie, suggested Mitt Romney should campaign in Illinois during the campaign, and pick Jon Kyl as his running mate is now suggesting that Republicans should cave to Obama’s demands and raise taxes on the so called ‘evil rich’ because they will get the blame if they don’t and the economy sucks. Get a clue Ann! Republicans will get the blame no matter what happens! The media is corrupt, the Republican’s messaging sucks and Obama never gets blamed for any of his failures. I don’t know what the hell has happened to Ann Coulter. Even Sean Hannity, who likes to say four or five times a night how he’s a registered conservative, rather than a Republican every night then sucks up to establishment RINOs seemed visibly agitated.

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  • No Way

    Why is this giggling bubble head speaks for republicans? Who the hell she thinks she is?

    • Jayne

      She’s been speaking for the Republicans for years and no one’s complained, and she’s ALWAYS been a bubble-head.

      • No Way

        She has not been speaking for the Republicans, just for some idiots who cannot know their right from their left.

        • Jayne

          If that’s the case, then more Republicans need to publicly disown her because it does them no good to let her present herself as a face of the party.

          • No Way

            Anybody can present him/herself as anything. Ms. Coulter is just a big mouth bubble head with a mic.

          • Jayne

            On that we agree.

          • No Way

            I hope we can find more agreements than disagreements and then compromise. Isn’t how it’s supposed to be?

    • Rush Slimebag

      you’re illiterate, NW

      • No Way

        why don’t you fuck yourself in the ass, you smart POS?

      • No Way

        And what does it tell about you, idiot?

  • Michael H. Dawson

    hahaha what a bunch of douche bags. Ann was right you lost the election quit acting like you can still dictate the direction of government. four years of sitting on your hands and now the chickens have come to roost.

  • Joe

    She finally made a rational comment. One in a million and we heard it!

  • Jayne

    LOL! When Ann Coulter is the voice of reason for the GOP, you know the party is in deep doo-doo.

  • R.T. Castleberry

    Hey, Coulter is a longtime GOP spokesperson. Own it!

  • SteveRosset

    Maybe the Mayans were right!