Leftists go batshit crazy on Twitter over news of George Zimmerman suing NBC

nbc-obama-logoThis is going to be fun to watch. George Zimmerman is suing NBC over their deceptively editing of a video that made him sound like a ‘hostile racist.’ Of course leftists, Democrats, and the rest of the media ran with this same story-line about how what an evil racist the ‘White-Hispanic’ George Zimmerman was. Now leftists on Twitter are going absolutely crazy, and I’m loving it.

Rememeber too how leftists and the media portrayed Zimmerman and nut job Elizabeth Warren:

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  • http://twitter.com/GuthrieBrent Brent Guthrie

    Take them for all they’re worth George! Stick it to ‘em!

  • urban viewr

    George Z will never HAVE TO WORK A DAY THE REST OF HIS LIFE. Because the gun jumping racist liberals at NBC are going to suffer. You know how to piss of a liberal ? Tell them the truth & look em in the eye when you say it. Those liberals who yell racism at the drop of a hat are race paranoid & may be racist themselves.

  • No Way

    Don’t you worry, Obama will use taxpayers money for helping the libtards of the National Bullshit Company to pay for this.


    Go sue them for a bundle, George. They LIED about you and about this case. Pay no attention to the racist, glassy eyed leftists. Just tell the truth. They HATE that! Take everything you and your lawyers can get out of those lying racist beasts.