Obama calls Pharaoh Morsi to express ‘deep concern’ about violence in Egypt, not a word about dictatorial power grab

pharoah-morsi-of-egyptGood to know finally where Obama stands on Egypt Pharaoh Mohammed Morsi. You see, Obama called Morsi to express ‘deep concern’ over the violence in Egypt that forced the Pharaoh Morsi to flee the presidential palace for a few days. But Obama didn’t utter a word about Pharaoh Morsi’s dictatorial power grabs that set off the violence in the first place. I guess Obama admires Muslim dictators. At least it takes time away from Obama admiring himself.

President Barack Obama called Morsi on Thursday to express his deep concern about the deaths and injuries of protesters in Egypt, the White House said in a statement.
“The President emphasized that all political leaders in Egypt should make clear to their supporters that violence is unacceptable,” the statement read. “Obama welcomed President Morsi’s call for a dialogue with the opposition but stressed that such a dialogue should occur without preconditions.” The U.S. has also urged opposition leaders to join the dialogue without preconditions.

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