South Carolina Senator Jim Demint to leave Senate in January, become president of the Heritage Foundation

gop_logoOne of the few actual conservatives Republicans have in the Senate is leaving in January. Jim DeMint will vacate his Senate seat in January to become president of the Heritage Foundation. I guess even DeMint can’t stomach the cowardly Republicans anymore and doesn’t want to be a part of the upcoming Republican caving to Obama’s demands. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley will be able to pick Jim Demint’s replacement.

Frankly, I’m disappointed by the move, although this gives Heritage a big boost. I had hoped to see DeMint act as a conservative leader in the Senate for the next four years, especially with Democrats taking a bigger majority after this past election. Haley will make a wise appointment, I’m sure, and other Republicans in the chamber will get an opportunity to fill his shoes. However, considering the fights ahead of us, it would have been much better to have DeMint as a stalwart on the inside rather than an activist on the outside.

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