Hypocrite Obama to accept unlimited donations from corporations to finance his 2013 inauguration

imagesAs long as you are a corporation that supports Obama and his radical left wing policies, he loves you. Obama loves General Electric, Comcast, Costco, Time Warner, IBM, Google and Microsoft just to name a few. Now, despite Obama’s pledge to not have corporations fund his  inauguration extracurricular activities, he’s suddenly flip-flopped from 2009 and decided to accept unlimited corporate donations. You of course, the tax payer will fund the main inauguration ceremony, but the parties, balls, etc will be funded by corporate donations. Better than tax payer dollars I guess. For a little perspective, that evil ‘corporate whore’ George W. Bush as the left liked to call him had self-imposed cap of $250,000 for corporate donations during his second inauguration. Obama unlimited.

President Obama has decided to accept unlimited donations from corporations in order to finance his inaugural festivities next month, his inaugural committee announced on Friday. While taxpayers always pick up the tab for the costs associated with the actual inaugural ceremony (which will be private this year), but the extracurricular parties, balls, and events come from the good graces of enthusiastic donors.

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