White House removes petition demanding anti-American ‘Psy’ invite be rescinded

obama-dick-in-mouthObama loves anti-American scum like Psy. He hung around them all his life in his younger years, surrounded himself with them in his White House, and loves to apologize for the ‘evil’ America has done to the world.  Some Americans aren’t pleased with the invited extended to anti-American rapper Psy who’s ‘Gangnam Style’ rap has earned him his 15 minutes of him. Psy looks like Kim Jong Il, and has similar thoughts about America. Psy has also rapped about killing and torturing American troops and their families. So some took issue with the invite extended by the White Houses, and started a petition on the White House site. Suddenly though, the petition was scrubbed by the maintainers of the site, using the excuse of “terms of participation.”


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