So called conservative Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn latest to cave – willing to give Obama higher taxes (Video)

rino-republicansJust get it over with already. We know the spineless Republicans will cave. I’m under the assumption that the assclowns in Washington want to be done this week so they can begin a their Christmas vacations and Obama can head off the Hawaii for three weeks at $4 million on the tax payers time. The charade that the Republicans are actually trying to get a smart deal done without getting screwed over is out of the bag. So called conservative Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma who’s only good at identifying government waste is the latest Republican coward willing to go along with Obama’s jacked up taxes. We’ve gone four years without a Senate budget, who’s up for another four years?

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  • Logic Please

    It seems sort of insane to not increase taxes at all to fix the deficit. I mean, sure increasing taxes would hurt the economy, but taking 1 trillion dollars a year out of ANYTHING will sting. If a human was the economy and we had to take out 3 organs, do you expect a method that doesn’t leave it in the hospital?

  • sparky

    Seems like that the libtards at the National Politics Forum on does not like your input

    • Java Beansbureo

      Way to get your point across with the link ‘Sparky'; it’s the damn Syracuse home page. How about a link to what your referring to?

  • Java Beansbureo

    Tom Coburn is one of the most right wing senators in the senate, and has been for years. BUT, he is smart. He knows what is best for the American people. There are several other issues that do not align with the Republican point of view that Coburn supports. Why? because rather than blindly following the Republican agenda, Coburn thinks for himself and considers what is best for the American people and the state he represents. I am with the far left, not a republican – barely a democrat But I have MUCH respect for Coburn the the actions he takes as a United States Senator.