Kim Jong Psy’s aka Park Jae-sang 2004 Anti American ‘rap’ [VIDEO] – smashing tanks, singing about killing-torturing Americans slowly and painfully

democrat-logoYes, this is who your president, and vice president spent this past Sunday even with, being ‘entertained.’  The fat, talent-less  Korean dude that so many stupid people (including Obama and Biden) have been going nuts over because of some stupid Youtube video sure hated America in the following 2004 video of PSY ‘rapping’ about killing and torturing Americans slowly and painfully, and smashing tanks on stage.  Now that PSY figures he can make money off the many stupid people in this country who actually think he has any talent, he suddenly went into damage control. The video of the tank smashing is actually from 2002 though. The performance of the ‘rap’ was 2004.

Psy aka Park Jae-sang GO HOME!

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