Leftists on Twitter say Steven Crowder deserved union thug beating – calls for more violence

this_is_what_a_union_thug_looks_likeAs you would expect, leftists and union sympathizers on Twitter got a big kick out of the IBEW union scum who assaulted Steve Crowder earlier today. Some are even calling for more violence against Crowder. Check out some leftist Tweets:

This is a retweet of a now deleted Tweet by some coward named ‘Nicholas Russo’

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  • http://www.facebook.com/don.weiss3 Don Weiss

    Your punk Tony Camargo will either get jail time with his boy friend BUBBA or take a beating from Crowder in an MMA match. Camargo has only these choices, liberals and Union Thugs. You idiots are screwing yourselves. This president of yours will go down as the worst president ever.

    • Chris Pellizzari

      It is clear from the video the little Conservative comedian Crowder pushed the Union Member down. If that little punk pushed me down, I’d punch his stupid-looking face too.

      By the way, why is Fox News sending comedians to cover news? Fox hires comedians to work as “reporters” to make fun of and insult people who are fighting for their jobs and families? Good job Fox, good job conservatives across the country. You lost the last two presidential elections in electoral college landslides and your response is to attack the labor movement, while you defend the rich from higher tax rates. Let’s see how you losers do in 2016.

      By the way Don, worst president ever? Sorry, that title goes to W. Bush, who left office with a 22% approval rating and was nowhere to be seen during Republican campaign seasons of 2008 and 2012. Is he in the witness protection program? And where the hell is Cheney? My God.

  • amazingoly

    Union thug should get sued in civil court for damages too.

  • robbins_mitchell

    It’s the Gruntterdammerung…..”Twilight of the Grunts”

  • beastdogs8

    Ah,I guess more words of wisdom from the tolerant, open minded, nonjudgmental, big tent liberal left, sarcasm off. Seriously people this is the useful idiot, moron liberal democratic party voter, on full display in all their epic failure glory.

  • Adnilhoom

    The Divider-in-Chief is causing the destruction of our civil and free society because he condones abusing the 50% of Americans who disagree with his socialist policies. The only beneficiaries of Unions are overpaid Union bosses. Why are liberals so vulgar and hateful? Obama approves of and encourages this, too. Yes, he will be remembered as the worst POTUS/dictator in American history.