Suck it union scum! Gov. Rick Snyder signs bill, Michigan becomes 24th Right To Work state

seiu-thugs-for-obamaCongratulations Michigan! You have become the 24th state in America to become a right to work state! Despite the threats, despite the violence from union thugs, Michigam Governor Rick Snyder has announced that he has signed the ‘right to work’ bill into law. Hopefully leftists and union thugs will go so batsh*t crazy, they will jump into Lake Michigan or something now.

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  • Albert Lince

    The host (Michigan) threw off the parasite!! Amazing how nasty unon thugs get when they get snubbed.

  • amazingoly

    Door wide open for more states to follow Michigan’s Right to Work change.

  • Honest days work no more

    Your going Need relief from debt now wages cut 1/3 congratulations scabs. Way to destroy the standard of living.