Democrat Rep. Jim Moran son Patrick pleads guilty for brutally assaulting his girlfriend – Daddy calls it embarrassing

jim-moranWhat’s embarrassing is the fact that the idiots in Jim Moran’s Virginia district keep re-electing this disgusting pig year after year. Jim Moran, the vile, obnoxious Congressman has a son named Patrick Moran (aka Moron.) Daddy Jimmy called the brutal beating by Patrick Moran of his girlfriend ’embarrassing.’  The fact that Moran’s son Patrick brutally beat his girl friend, and pleaded guilty isn’t embarrassing as daddy Jimmy puts it. It’s disgusting, wrong and reprehensible. Little Patrick Moran pleaded guilty to brutally assaulting his girlfriend on Wednesday. Little Patrick Moran allegedly slammed his girlfriend’s head into a metal trash can cage outside the bar. The girlfriend was reported to be bleeding heavily from her nose. Also, there are reports that her nose and right eye were extremely swollen. Patches Moran must get his rage from his daddy, as Jim Moran is famous for saying in 1999 that he likes to ‘hit people.’

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