Mess with a TSA airplane ‘toilet camera’ pay a fine of $3,000

janet-napolitano_0Wait, did I miss something? Since when did creepy Janet Napolitano decide to add cameras to airplane toilets now? I have little incentive to fly anywhere these days when you get stuffed into an airplane like a sardine, but now I can’t even take a dump in peace on a plane? What the hell has this country become?


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  • Jason_K

    Is this for REAL? I’ve not been able to find anything else on it so it’s either a joke, recently implemented or isolated. Anyone know?

  • Truelitistnot

    When you have to ask the question what has something become then it is already too late.

  • Voting Female

    if it isn’t a joke it still isn’t cited.

    the real joke is the concept true or not is no longer considered a joke