Michelle Malkin being attacked on Twitter by ‘The Game’ leftist fans

square-large-looneyOk. Someone educate me. What the hell is ‘The Game?’ I have no clue who, what, or where ‘The Game’ is, but apparently it’s popular with leftists. So popular with leftists in fact that ‘The Game’ doesn’t like Michelle Malkin and it’s fans are now threatening and hurling ethnic slurs towards Malkin on Twitter. Here is a small sample of some of ‘The Game’ leftist fans attacking Malkin on Twitter:

Apparently, ‘The Game’ is another one of those worthless gangster rappers covered in tattoos. His ‘full name’ for his Twitter profile is ‘Handsome Ass Nigga’. Here’s ‘his’ Tweet that set off everything tonight.

Is that like supposed to be boss or something yo?

Here’s another threat from the tolerant left:

No wonder this country is in the crapper. Crap like this idiot has over a million followers on Twitter and obviously ‘makes bling’ or whatever the phrase is.

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