NBC hag Mrs. Greenspan Andrea Mitchell on Susan Rice – ‘a Woman Of Color Has Been Forced Out’ (Video)

andrea-mitchellOf course. You see, Susan Rice’s decision not to run for Secretary of State is all because of the evil white Republicans. The race baiting has started as you would expect by the media, leftist politicians and of course leftists in general. Never mind the fact that Susan Rice a Phony lied through her teeth about Benghazi on five Sunday news shows the weekend after the Benghazi attack. Never mind the fact that Susan Rice has investments of hundreds of thousands of dollars in several energy companies doing business with Iran, or the fact that Hillary Clinton said John Kerry-Heinz would be a better Secretary of State than Rice. Yes, the race card is being played. NBC old hag Mrs. Greenspan aka Andrea Mitchell claims ‘a woman of color has been forced out.’ Funny, I don’t remember any outrage from Mrs. Greenspan when Clarence Thomas went through his high tech lynching, or any black conservative in recent years got called the n-word or uncle tom because they left the Democrat plantation.

Mrs. Greenspan should actually be happy, since it’s likely John Heinz-Kerry will get the job now.

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  • KathyD

    I agree she should be fired! We’re all getting tired of the race card being pulled every time the liberals don’t get what they want. Republicans are not racist. We just want to get to the truth about the Bengazi attacks and why Susan Rice lied to the American people on five news stations. Obviously someone is trying to cover it up. I also think it is awful that the murder of our ambassador and three other Americans didn’t get the news coverage that it deserved. It just goes to show that the liberal media will go to great lengths to cover up anything that might make a Democratic president look bad. Now if this happened under a Republican president it would have been all over the news 24/7! We are holding Susan Rice responsible for what she did, not for the color of her skin or her gender. If this was a white male that lied to everyone we would hold him responsible too. I don’t know what Andrea Mitchell’s problem is! She and her liberal media got what they wanted – their beloved Obama for four more years who is slowly turning this once great nation into a socialist country, and maybe even a communist one eventually. I think it’s sad that people don’t see the direction that we are headed. Do people really want a government that takes away our freedoms? If the mainstream media doesn’t start being more truthful with the American people in their reporting of what is really happening in the government and with our foreign affairs, then we might as well kiss our great country goodbye!! We’re going to end up having race wars and civil wars because of all the lies that are being told to the people! WAKE UP! And stop the lying! She’s just stirring the pot and blowing this whole race thing out of proportion. If she and all the dingbat liberals keep this up it could cause deeper problems than we think.