Guns used by Adam Lanza were his mother’s – legal age to own a gun in Connecticut is 21 – Gun laws worthless in this case

usa-flagAs you would expect, the anti second amendment left is crying for gun control after the latest loon Adam Lanza went on a shooting spree and killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School, including 20 kids. But stronger gun laws wouldn’t have meant a thing in this case. The guns used by Adam Lanza were registered to his mother (who he killed) and the legal age to own any kind of firearm in the state of Connecticut is 21 years of age. Adam Lanza was 20. So all you left wing anti second amendment zealots can cry all you want about tougher gun laws. They wouldn’t have made a difference at all in this case. Adam Lanza wasn’t even of age to own a gun in the first place, so these weren’t guns he purchased and then went on his massacre. He stole them from his mother.

Don’t worry though. This inconvenient truth will never be reported by the corrupt media anyway. Adam Lanza was yet another crazed nut case who was determined to do what he did no matter what the laws were.

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