Adam Lanza kills 26 in deadly Newtown Connecticut Elementary School Shooting – mother also found dead in home

Another nut job snapped and went on a mass shooting today. Today, Adam  Lanza is dead, but not until killing 26 others including five year old children in kindergarten at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Reports originally named Ryan Lanza as the killer, but it turns out it was his 20 year old brother Adam Lanza. Some say Adam Lanza targeted a teacher who was related to him. Adam Lanza is from New Jersey. Adam Lanza’s parents were divorced, and his mother Nancy Lanza is presumed dead at this time. The area the school is in is an affluent one. The average income of the people in the area is over $100,000, and homes are averaged to be valued at $400,000. There were 20 children, 6 adults and the piece of sh*t shooter who ended up dead, for a total of 27. This is now the second deadliest school shooting in America history behind Columbine.

Lanza reported also attacked the Sandy Hook Elementary school principal and vice principal. 18 kids are reorted to be among the dead.

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  • Marc Mywords

    I bet this guy was jewish!!

    • Melissa Winkle

      why would you sat that? Are you implying that a sick person who shot babies must be Jewish? And if he is, does that make all Jews capable of this horrific crime?

      • danny b

        I think he’s saying it because several of the most horrific mass murders have been committed by Jews. For example, the Columbine Massacre.

        • Getitright

          One of the shooters’ had a maternal grandfather that was Jewish. That makes him 100% christian. Next.

          • David Sims

            Dylan Klebold was Jewish because his family was Jewish. There’s nothing mysterious or indirect about Klebold’s Jewishness.

          • Sims Fool

            he was not Jewish. Guess the skinhead racist education class you took missed doing the fact check. Surprise, surprise.

          • john

            sims fool is a racist

          • John got bent

            John- make up your mind. You are accusing folks of being racists? Look at your posts here and on other sites. You hate minorities and are proud of it. Why are u calling Sims Fool a racist. Off come the overalls on your farm tonight…looks like a deliverance night for you…squeel like the pig that you are…wheeee!

          • David Sims

            No, “sims fool” is a leftist. And that’s worse than a racist.

          • stonehillady

            Khebold was jewish, his parents were well known & well known in the jewish community, the cops & media were told not to reveal it.He killed one girl, when he asked her if she believed in Jesus..FACT !

          • Tmetzger

            Stonerhillady – Sure. David Koresh told me this and I believe it, god dammit. His parents were not Jewish, so how the hell were they known in the Jewish community? You would not know because u know nothing about the Jewish community. Aryan Nations teaches you lies.

          • David Sims

            Dylan Klebold was Jewish. If the skinheads are saying this, then they’re telling the truth. You can just go away with your lies, bro.

          • Enzyte Bob

            Dylan Klebold’s mother was indeed Jewish, don’t know about his father. The Leo Yassenoff Jewish Center in Columbus, Ohio is named after his grandfather. The “Trench Coat Mafia” that participated in the shootings was also predominantly Jewish, as was Jeffrey Dahmer and Jared Loughner.

          • Enzyme Boob

            wow. a string of mistruths from Enzyte Bob. “Little Bob” trying to join the band wagon of claiming evil people are all Jews. Nice one, Loughner and Dahmer. That is outrageous, but, hey nothing will stop “Little Bob” from spreading lies.

          • David Sims

            The liars are the ones who create anonymous pseudonyms that mock the person they’re replying to. That’s you, Enzyme Boob. And it’s “Sims Fool” also.

          • sayitloud

            Why can’t you accept it when criminals are Jewish; every group of people have their own kind of jerks and these are the jerks of the Jews just like those lying and murdering jerks in Israel who are doing the bad deeds–aren’t yous human after all or are yous the “special” kind? Call it for what it is, stop distorting the facts, another thing the Jewish religion practices very well, the Federal Reserve, the housing bubble, Goodman Sachs and the Madoff–the bad Jews. There are bad apples in all the bunches. These fuk ups are/were Jewish, admit it and then go fix it. Stop sticking your head in the sand because we see the rest of your crooked bent over body. Nothing will be done if you keep thinking you are not what you are.

          • stan zorin

            Klebold had his Bat Mitzva.

          • Getitright

            REALLY? That amazing – given that girls have BAT mitzvah’s. Boys have BAR mitzvah’s.

        • Estetica

          NPD is a jewish disorder.. says is all doesn´t it..?

        • Danny B = fool

          Danny B – aka “Lanza 2 I am coming for you”

      • john

        first isrealis are baby killers , look at gaza, second, Lanza is a Italian jew from way back, born in sicily, and third, no some jews are great people, but the zionists are the bas*ards we have to watch

        • Chauncey the gardener

          Nice try bigot fuck. He is not jewish at all. Israelis are wonderful and god loving people. I have many Israeli friends. John, you are just a fucking loser trying to blame others for a terrible tragedy. Crawl back under your Lanza rock where you belong. This tragedy teaches us again that hate-filled losers like John will use this as an opportunity to show his hatred for Jews, blacks and orthers. John, just because your pappy stuck his finger up your butt when you were a kid gives you no excuse to hate others. Get some help yourself before you try to copy Lanza. I am sure that you are twisted and demented and we should fear you.

          • David Sims

            Lanza is a surname held by many Jews in Italy and Sicily. There’s a Jewish painting company called Lanza brothers. Furthermore, Adam is a name often given to Jewish boys, though it is also sometimes given to non-Jewish boys. It’s a good guess that most of the people in the world who are named “Adam Lanza” are Jews.

          • Sal

            I am Italian. I know several Lanza families. They are all good Catholics.

          • David Sims

            98% of the people in this country named Adam are not Jewish. Same for Sam, David, Ben, etc. Earl is derived from the Hebrew name Eliyahu. Are you Jewish, Earl?

          • knowyourself

            David, don’t bother with that denial idiot–he’s Jewish himself, he’s not defending away, it’s just their way of giving themselves false support. They are so hooked on that emotional game. I media over saturation with this killing drew my attention and there it was the only victimize people in the world, as if other people like the thousand we killed in Iraq or the thousand Israel killed in Palestine, and the thousands killed in poor neighborhood don’t count because we don’t this type of coverage for them. The over saturation of Jewish own media got my attention and once again as it turned out it for their own. They report on a stupid bomb lobbed into Israel but fail to show thousands of Palestinians lives being destroyed or the hundred to one ratio of death that Israel inflicts on the Palestinians. They always twist the situation to make it fit their needs. Like having someone else turn on the electricity during their holy days is not a sin because they didn’t turn the power on–talk about twisted reality. Their god must be on stupid idiot to not be able to figure out the liar’s game.

          • uidiot

            Screw you scum bag. Go read the Palestinian Tribunal report to the United Nation. Loving people my a**. There are some no doubt but the small minority. Loving people only when you do what they want–then it’s F U you and they’ll squeeze you every which way until you pop. They care only about their money god, which Christians and Muslims try to turn away from and I have the Jewish lobbyists roaming the halls in Congress to prove their selfish “it’s all about and for them” agenda. Even your farts are lies–the majority of them are liars spelled with an English meaning. Silverstein, a Jew and Israel had a part in nineleven–screw you scum bag! Is wasn’t no stupid Muslim who blew up the three towers with nanothermite which they found in all three sites. Who hated who when the Federal Reserve, Goodman Sachs, Bernard Madoff, Koch Brothers, Adelson, and the slew of Jewish schemers who either took down or took control of the United States economy to take care of which state? Idiot! $4 billion dollar would be better spent in US than freaking Israel! Israel’s Jewish attics put all American lives in danger–but do they care, fuck all but them, no! You’ve been licking the finger you’ve been sticking up other people’s ass trying to get them to submit. But they won’t, the truth is more powerful than your little world of bullshit. Take another sniff of your finger cause you’ll get shit when you go poking where you shouldn’t. Jackass, tell me how great these Jews are? Your bs is as effect as trying to blow a fart through the Internet, the only one who can smell it is you when it blows back into your face.

    • Dale Smith

      His mother was a member of Newton Presbyterian. Nice try, moron

    • a jew

      HE IS ACTUALLY MOST OF THEM THEY HAVE THIS INHERET PERSONALITY DISORDER they most of them not all some jews are very good but some are antisocial….

      • jkap

        some are good and some are antisocial? no sh-t! you can say the same about anyone.

      • Wasp123

        Another fool claiming to be Jewish and then asserting his anti-semitism. Hey, if you are a Jew hater, at least have the balls to say it. Stop claiming to be Jewish and then disparaging Jews. This is getting old. I love the foolishness and hilarity of this…Someone that hates Jews is saying that most Jews have personality disorders. Um, does your house lack mirrors buddy?

        • john

          i am a zionist hater, i am a zionist hater, so sue me

          • Wicca

            You are a loser. Everyone hates you.

      • Willybrown

        No Jew would struggle to put a sentence together like you. Nice try. Back to your GED training course you white trash ass muncher. Hah!!

        • Earl High

          White trash as in the white trash Eastern European jew?

    • jkap

      actually not. Italian-American. there were Jewish victims though. what’s your point?

      • Sam Norte

        Italians can’t be Jews? I thought Jew was a religion.

        • john


        • Earl High

          Jews can have Italian last names. The Diaspora is tricky like that.

          • Carl23

            Little Oral Earl here is going to teach us about the Jewish diaspora. LOL!!! “the diaspora is tricky like that.” yeah, Earl knows nothing about Jews and nothing about reality. He gets his info from nazi magazines and reality tv shows. This guy has not read a book in 20 years. He likes porn and arts and crafts…and little boys with rosy cheeks in the boy scouts. Lock him up!

          • Earl High

            Poor John, angry someone said something about the hebrew so he reaches in his back pocket and produces a tired old refrain he finds so useful.

            And speaking of oral – folks should google “ny rabbi herpes” and found out about oral and the rabbi and the baby boy, a long, sick, tradition of the jew.

          • youidiot

            FYI, there were Jews in the Nazi party and the people who financed the Nazi and the other side were JEWISH–Fool, you don’t even know the history. Shut up and sit down and suck on your toes.

    • guest

      Look it’s not an accusation. There are plenty of christians and muslims who’ve committed horrible acts. Why is it that Jews can’t just say “yes he was” and them move on. Lanza’s an italian jewish name. end of story. whether he was religious or not is another matter. but lets not deny anythign…it’s just part of the bio on this guy.

  • Kamin Sentz

    This is the second deadliest school shooting, but not behind Columbine (15), instead behind Virginia Tech (32).

    • Earl High

      20 > 15

      • Go Earl, you stud

        16>5. You are a tremendous math genius. Nice name. When was the last time someone named Earl got laid?

        • Earl High

          Nice edit. Maybe if you look at the event prior to posting, and becoming a bit aware of the event which you spout on about, one wouldn’t come along and correct you.

          BTW – I hope your mom keeps her guns locked up.

  • DeadJewsNOW

    Adam Lanza is Jewish. He just murdered 26 White people. It’s time to end the jewish presence in North America and Europe NOW

  • erik santiego

    he’s not jewish

    • David Sims

      How do you know that Adam Lanza isn’t Jewish? He might be. Lanza is a Jewish surname. There are Jewish businesses whose owners are Lanzas; e.g., Lanza Bros Painting. Isn’t you conclusion that Adam Lanza is “not Jewish” just a little premature? Wasn’t your denial that Adam Lanza could be Jewish merely a knee-jerk reaction, a reflex, put into you by years of Jewish media propaganda that Jews can’t ever be assigned guilt because they are all no noble and wise and good? You should examine yourself to find out why you deny when someone says a Jew did something bad.

      • Walterreid

        Cause he isn’t u piece of racist crap, and even if he was what difference does that make? Of course the guy who committed one of the worst mass killings in Virginia has Jewish ties too right? Cause the Jews control the Korean media and hid the fact he was Jewish, just crawl back under the rock u came from and die. The world needs less ignoramus’ like you.

        • Earl High

          Jews aren’t a race, so one cannot be racist towards jews.

          But jews are racist towards all others, what with the chosen v non chosen people thing and the law of the brother and the law of the stranger.

          White people who think they are chosen above non-whites, we label them as racist, so why is the same label for jews not appropriate?

          • Waxr

            Earl the Pearl trying to out do John for the role of chairman of the I do not have a clue club. What cult has indoctrinated you with such crazy ideas? You are really scary. Stay off the dope, Earl High. Hope you do not have a gun and live near a school. The only insightful point in your post is “High”your name. If I could piss in your face, I would.

          • Earl High

            Weak denouncement is weak, even with inclusion of your urination fantasy.

          • Waxr

            “Jews aren’t a race, so one cannot be racist towards Jews.” Earl – you just proved that you could be the stupidest racist on the face of the planet. So sad that ignorant folk like you are allowed to operate large machinery and breathe the same air as other righteous Americans. Please ask yourself why you are so filled with hate. Show compassion and be a real man. And, get an education.

          • Earl High

            If one speaks negatively towards aspects of Catholicism, is one racist towards Catholics?

            Your hyperbolic argument is noted, destroyed, and dismissed.

          • Waxr

            Sounds like earl is a little envious.

        • person 1

          I do find it interesting that Jews have a website that answers whether this or that celebrity is jewish. And on that site it will say things of a foreign person something like “he’s definately jewish, not French”. the Jews always put their jewishness above the nation in which they live. There’s a loyalty there good or bad. As opposed to an american from French or English ancestry that simply says “i’m an American”. This is why…right or wrong….some believe that Jews are not loyal to the country in which they live. Discuss.

      • jkap

        Lanza is an Italian surname, you moron. yes, a Jew could have that as a last name. fact of the matter is that he is not Jewish. in the end, who gives a f-ck? what difference would it make?

    • john

      yes he is, do some homework

      • John sux cock

        John=my wife left me for a Jewish man and now everyone I see is Jewish. Paranoid fuck!!!

    • Ian

      the family’s church minister has been on the news all morning.

  • David Sims

    Connecticut has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. Obviously, they didn’t work. They didn’t work because gun control laws are the first laws that someone breaks when he intends to commit crimes with guns. It’s simple, I know. But you’d be surprised at how many people just can’t figure it out.

    And it wouldn’t do any good, either, to pass a law making it illegal to break any of the other laws, gun control laws especially, since the criminals would just laugh and break that law, too, as they load their rifle magazine on the way to the elementary school. I hope that the folly of expecting laws to engender safety is clear to everyone.

    What will stop criminals from shooting up crowds is armed people in every crowd who can shoot back. That will reduce the criminal’s opportunity for doing evil to only three or four shots, instead of thirty or forty shots, before someone puts a stop to his massacre. Now that’s a real improvement.

    Although this elementary school massacre is tragic, there is one thing that ought to be laughed at, and that’s the behavior of the cops. Talk about locking the barn door after all the cows have escaped already! Long before they appeared on the scene, Adam Lanza had already killed himself. For all the good they did, the police could have stayed at their station or in the doughnut shop. How many lives did these fearless guardians of the public safety save? Not a single one. Of what importance is their “investigation”? None. It is all too obvious what happened, and no particular detective expertise is needed.

    This fine probing into Adam Lanza’s motives is guesswork posing as investigation, and the investigators will no doubt outsmart themselves by deciding upon a wrong answer, which will become the popular myth, never to be challenged, simply because “the authorities said so” and nobody can prove otherwise. The reason those authorities are doing it is to justify their budgets, to make themselves and their departments seem more useful than they really are. That’s why you saw police in combat dress and military gear swarming into a place where even they knew there was no more threat to the public. FEMA might not be able to get any supplies to hurricane victims for a couple of weeks, but the guys with the guns somehow manage to arrive mere hours after it’s too late for them to do any good.

    Gun control laws harm the public safety more than they help. And the police often just come thundering and blundering by long after it’s too late for their presence to be of any use.

    An armed populace is its own best defender. Arm the people, and evildoers will tremble, as they should. Remove all restrictions on gun ownership, and the good and lawful people will have the balance of firepower nearly always in their favor. Allow people the use of arms, as Thomas Jefferson and all the Founding Fathers intended, and crazed gunmen will be gunned down before they’ve used up ten percent of their ammunition, thus saving the lives of all who would have been killed by the latter ninety percent.

  • criticaljew

    I am part-Jewish and must admit that we are more capable of doing murder, massacre. It is in our blood, unfortunately….So we should be MORE tolerant and peaceful and let the rest of the world LIVE

    • Hg4422

      What bloody rubbish!!!! You’re a lunatic

    • not buying your crap

      Critical Jew: right – you are “part Jewish” – we believe you, sure we do. LMAO. Hey, what was the name of the Jewish girl that rejected you and caused you to be such a weenie? Hey skinhead racists, I have a great new strategy, let’s go on chat boards and claim that we are Jews and then say awful things about Jews. They will all believe us. Spread the word.

      • Piet Van Rensing

        let’s see, how about me? My mother’s family is Jewish. I spent summer vacations with my Jewish aunt and cousins, and some weekends with my 100% Jewish uncle, who was Chairman of a major state university’s Sciences school. And I truly love and appreciate Jewish people who have been close to me. But predominant Jewish control of national opinion/culture is no more desirable than Finnish, Ethiopian, or Inuit. But be careful here, too – last I heard, none of those peoples were slaughtered in the name of righting wrongs.

        • bot buying your crapp

          Right, Jews control the media and opinion. The oldest lie around. P van Riesling, please try to be more creative and come up with a new conspiracy theory about Jews. This one is very old. And I love the bit about the Jewish aunts, unlces, etc. And, Jews slaughtering people??? What a twisted and misinformed view of the world you have. I bet Danny B and some of the other posters here can use some of your material at the next Klan meeting, though. Kudos to you.

  • criticaljew

    And I say, we should stop this racism crap! Cause of racism is the Jewish people, because we said of ourselves that we are God”s Chosen People. AND this statement was the VERY BEGINNING of every fucking racism and superiority complex.So shut the fuck up and dont call everybody racist who criticizes jews.We are not holy.

    • AlexX

      Please ask yourself: is this how pathetic my life has become? I pretend to be Jewish in order to convince others of my anti-semitism and hatred. No one at all believes that you are Jewish. You are merely a person filled with hate. I assume that this derives from some incident iin your past. Perhaps a Jewish kid in school did better than you? Perhaps your father fondled you as a child? Something bad really happened to you and you express this in hate towards others. Try to lift yourself instead of putting others down. As the Newtown tragedy shows us, we all need to reach out and try to help people like you before you, too, go over the edge and commit horrible acts. Most sociopaths blame others for their misfortune. Take a close look at what you have written here. We all see a troubled person…you probably do not recognize this in yourself.

      I was once like you, then I got help. People do care about you. Your nightmares can go away. We want you to be a productive member of society. Please try counseling. Your nightmares can end. You do not need to live with fear, insecurity and hate. We are rooting for you. Peace be with you, brother.

      • Heidi


        I suppose those of us that have read the translations of the Talmud by Jews, and see the racist hatred at the “Gentiles” or by that I mean all non-Jews.

        I’m sorry that to understand that a “Tribe” of people are taught to be superior and racist towards all others not like them — shocks and appalls those of us not “Jewish” — I find it quite interesting your choice of words and delivery.

        We aren’t afraid of your words. We aren’t afraid of “Anti-semitism” anymore. I see the “Tribes” works, and I judge them by what they do. How about we talk about the Media? Hollywood? The major Corporations? The Big Banker boys? Or how about how every government that are puppets bend down and kiss Jewish-Israeli asses?

        How about we talk about Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto? How about we talk about the Jewish-Bolshevik-Communists that MURDERED more people (predominantly CHRISTIAN) than HITLER and the NAZIS did of the Jews? Shall we talk about history — real bloody history?
        There is more than enough “facts” for a case against the “Jews”…

        • john


        • ML Limone

          battle on with the truth, nice job.

          • Limone hater

            Lemon head!!! You would not recognize the truth if it hit your rock head hard. Is that a dildo sticking out of your ass ? Bet that your skinhead friends like your knee pads and chap stick. Pucker up, big boy.

        • Heidisasslooksgood

          LMAO. There are no English translations of the Talmud. It is all in Hebrew. Any traslation you CLAIM to have read is a lie fabricated by your Aryan loving brainwashing ass-raping friends. You are a joke and your hatred stems from ignorance and the likelihood that your father raped you as a child. Karl Marx was an anti-Semite, so what is your point. Love you high school drop out, poor white trash folks commenting here. Get an education and a clue. Hope your ass gets reamed tonight by your racist boyfriend…bleed heidi, bleed for me.

          • Earl High

            So you’re saying Marx was a self-hating jew?

          • Philly Phil

            Marx renounced Judaism at an early age (and all religion) and became a rabid anti-Semite. Go read history. No one would accuse him of being a Jew except ignorant anti-Semites.

          • Earl High

            But you imply jews are a race. How can he quit being a jew, if jews are a race?

          • Heidi

            I’m a history major and an accounting major. So your rhetoric doesn’t really work on me. I’ve read too much, and understand too much of what your people have done to the rest of the WORLD. You can keep trying to spread your Tribes lies. But we are WAKING UP. And very soon, we will no longer be afraid of anything you try to put before us.

            The True Tribes of Israel are Awaking – the believers and followers of TRUTH.

    • john

      right on

  • Matt

    Lanza is an old noble Italian name, certainly not jewish.

    • guest today

      Noble “jewish” name….yes.

      • William

        So, the best that you white supremacists can come up with here is that Lanza “is Jewish?” Despite the news that his father and mother belonged to catholic and Presbyterian churches?? Oh yeah, I forgot…Jews have indoctrinated the media to cover up the family’s Jewishness. Those Jews are busy as we speak paying off the church congregants to say that the family attended church. They are calling the local synagogue to erase all records of the Lanza family. Lyndon Larouche would be really proud of your level of insanity and paranoia. I heard the Jews are claiming that Lanza is Korean. LOL. Get back in your caves bigots.

      • Noble One

        And the Christmas lights that his mother was famous for hanging? This must be an old Italian Jewish custom. And the family’s preacher? Wait, let me guess, he is a Rabbi disguised as a preacher to throw us all off. The family has been in Small town New Hampshire for 5 generations. But, we all know that the Italian Jews are a very large part of the population up there. And the aunt, Mary Ann Lanza? Let me guess, this is an old Italian Jewish name. Nice try. Let’s see more creativity from the Klan crowd on this chat.

  • criticaljew

    To be honest, almost all adult human beings are outrageously EVIL and would deserve immediate death. enough of killing innocent children!!! Burn in Hell.

    • Tom

      Almost all adults are mostly good and certainly wouldn’t deserve immediate death! But unfortunately there are many evil people too.

    • jkap2

      this fool pretending to be a Jew is probably the next Lanza out there. we should all try to get him psychological help immediately.

  • John Farter

    Actually all christians are indoctrinated to perform these type of horriffic acts. Fortunately only the weak minded such as Marc succumb to the pressures from the church to perform violent acts. That is a well known fact. Christianity is like a plague, training its victims to constantly invade additional weak hosts.

    • WAR

      Jeez,I don’t want to sound like an atheist Zionist communist but in all reality.Judaism,Christianity and Islam are the main problems of this world as far as religion goes but the atheist Zionists who started Israel are nothing more than Ashkanazi cryto Jews who converted long ago,which makes them nothing more than white Europeans and if that is the case then they are the real white supremacists and if they’re atheists then they are in no way shape or form a real Jew.If I converted to Buddhism does that change my DNA? NO,and neither did the Khazar’s DNA change.

  • Fuck Israel

    To Melissa Winkle.It makes all ZIONIST Jewish folks more probable than others considering Zionists consider that they are superior to others and the Talmud says that killing a Gentile is like killing an animal and they spend their time continuing the worst genocide in modern history against the Palestinians everyday.The IDF makes it a habit of killing innocent children in Israel.

  • Guest

    There are “Good and Bad In All!”

  • jimmy

    1) The gun control people are nuts. the “more guns as deterrent” philosophy isn’t only a failed concept… it’s sick. japan limited guns and homicide went way down. 2) adam is presbyterian. his mom had decorated the yard with christmas lights when found dead. Hatred will lose in this country and so will guns… just like mitt did. don’t underestimate the good of people.

  • Zau

    You are poor, white trash. Chinese hate u. Everyone hate you. Chinese like all, plus Jews because they work hard. You probably work Mcdonalds.

    • Earl High

      Jews work hard, that’s funny.

  • Salvatore

    LOL. Enzyme Bob, what an absolute ignorant ass. I am Italian. Do not insult my intelligence. You are a disgrace to the human race. Perhaps you are an Italian convert?

  • Oscar

    It is “their” Jewish family. Clearly, you have not even graduated high school. What a stupid, uneducated fool. You have demonstrated that you have no credibility and your comments reflect your ignorance. Get back to flipping burgers. Next!

  • Getitright

    Please – practically everyone has some Jewish blood – so I guess they are all Jewish then.When it suits the likes of you.