Adam Lanza kills 26 in deadly Newtown Connecticut Elementary School Shooting – mother also found dead in home

Another nut job snapped and went on a mass shooting today. Today, Adam  Lanza is dead, but not until killing 26 others including five year old children in kindergarten at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Reports originally named Ryan Lanza as the killer, but it turns out it was his 20 year old brother Adam Lanza. Some say Adam Lanza targeted a teacher who was related to him. Adam Lanza is from New Jersey. Adam Lanza’s parents were divorced, and his mother Nancy Lanza is presumed dead at this time. The area the school is in is an affluent one. The average income of the people in the area is over $100,000, and homes are averaged to be valued at $400,000. There were 20 children, 6 adults and the piece of sh*t shooter who ended up dead, for a total of 27. This is now the second deadliest school shooting in America history behind Columbine.

Lanza reported also attacked the Sandy Hook Elementary school principal and vice principal. 18 kids are reorted to be among the dead.

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