Primary weapon used in Newtown shooting was Bushmaster AR-15 rifle with ‘multiple magazines’

bushmaster_ar15_carbineConnecticut State Police spokesman says that the primary weapon used in the Newtown shooting by Adam Lanza was Bushmaster AR-15 rifle with ‘multiple magazines.’ The Bushmaster AR-15 magazines are sold at sporting god stores for hunting, and are common. In video games and movies, the assault weapon that the character uses typically looks like a Bushmaster AR-15. The prices range anywhere from $750 to $1000 for one of these weapons. Bushmaster AR-15 weapons are described as light weight, highly accurate, very durable and reliable.

Being that this is a BUSHmaster, how long before demented leftists blame George Bush for this?

Update: looks like it’s already starting

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  • pogue

    Wow, retards.
    Oh well, when I posted that famous A.Hitler quote supporting gun control, I actually had an idiot leftist ask me if I was pro-Hitler…. Retards.

  • pogue

    Those fools sort of exist without history, don’t they? There are no facts, background, or mitigating factors outside their own knowledge.
    “What, the weapon was called a Bushmaster? George Bush must have made it!” Of course there could be no other explanation and certainly no reason to look any further.
    The real issue here is this: When will we lock up crazy people? Guns are just tools, like cars, knives, or poison-all items ALSO used by crazy people to hurt others. Crazy people are the problem, not the weapons they use to hurt people. Lock up the crazy people and save us all!