Gun control stats – compare the ten big ‘killers’ in the US

bushmaster_ar15_carbineLets compare and contrast the 10 biggest ‘killers’ in the United States. With the way the Democrats and media are playing things up, you would think that gun crime was the biggest reason for deaths every year in this country. Eh, not so much. Here are some gun control stats that you will never hear about from the left, or the corrupt media.

Based on these numbers, should be ban tobacco? Alcohol? Doctors? How about cars?

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  • glockster23

    Those other things are not God given rights codified by the Bill of Rights in our Constitution.

    • Winston Churchill

      glockster23, he’s a man with very little of his own mind. Unless he postures the thoughts of the group that he identifies with, he has no identity or purpose.

  • Winston Churchill

    Impotent response. None of what you said is a particular right as enumerated by the bill of rights. We don’t have a problem with guns. We have a problem with people. Our own maladjusted government gives guns to bad buys. Chicago, which has the strictest guns laws in the nation, has the highest homicide rate. Time and again, gun control has proven incapable of controlling gun crime. Much of the gun crime comes from black market, which we know will never be controlled, much like drugs. Our govenment needs crime and drugs to keep itself valid. They also need “needy, pathetic” people to remain valid. Just like most lawyers, they create the kind of world they need to thrive. It’s a sickness.

  • cwteter

    James, Every gun I have ever bought came with a background check. There is no gun show loophole. There is simply a media lie about the ease of obtaining guns. Yes there are a few bad gun dealers but we have laws to go after them already.

    If criminals were honest they wouldn’t be criminals.
    Crimes of passion don’t need guns either.
    Hitler started with control of the media, then children then guns then Jews. ( I’m shortening this for this comment but hopefully you get the gist.)