December 8th Jamie Foxx on SNL brags about killing all those white people – Dec 14 Adam Lanza kills 20+ white people

adam-lanza-killer-newtown-sandy-hookRemember how the media gushed, and thought it was funny that talent-less idiot Jamie Foxx went on Saturday Night live the weekend before the Newtown massacre and bragged about how cool it was to ‘kill all those white people?‘ The Friday following Jamie Foxx’s ‘coolness’ is when Adam Lanza went on his shooting spree and killed white people, including 20 kids. If we are going to talk about banning guns, and video games, how about movies and idiots like Jamie Foxx glorifying the killing of people? No, I’m not saying Jamie Foxx’s lame SNL monologue caused Lanza to do what he did, but why is the audience cheered and hollered and hooted after Foxx said his stupid crap? There’s nothing ‘cool’ about killing other people, yet leftists seem to think it’s cool in the crappy movies they make these days.

Just something to think about.

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