Snotty CNN Brit Piers Morgan ‘gleeful’ over Newtown massacre – calls Twitter user ‘moron’

cnn-obama-logoI think I’ve figured out why this snotty British CNN hack Piers Morgan has been so obnoxious on Twitter lately. Morgan is desperate for ratings, like the rest of the hacks on CNN. I guess he figures by trying to cause controversies on Twitter, he may get more people to watch his boring, snore-fest of a show. Not very likely of course, but that’s just how they roll at CNN. Piers Morgan latest stupid showing on Twitter was him admitting he was ‘gleeful’ over the Newtown massacre (because he think it will help take guns away from Americans.) He also is calling people who disagree with him ‘moron.’ Reminds me of another CNN hack Roland Martin who calls people ‘idiot’ and ‘stupid’ then blocks them. Must be something in the water at CNN.

I’m going to go under the assumption that the snotty Brit Piers Morgan was being sarcastic with his ‘gleeful’ tweet. Still, I don’t find his British style of humor funny. Hey CNN! Bring back the crusty old hunchback Larry King for God sakes. Couldn’t be any worse than this idiot!

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