‘Hard working’ Senators go on Christmas vacation until December 27th as ‘fiscal-cliff’ looms

dingy-harry-reid-old-cootHarry Reid and the Democrat controlled Senate is really working hard to resolve the so called fiscal-cliff. They are working so hard in fact that they are going on their Christmas vacation, and don’t plan on returning until December 27th, just four days before the country goes off the so called ‘fiscal-cliff.’ Dingy Harry Reid is even using the Senator Daniel Inouye’s death as a reason to go away for a few days. You see, today Inouye will have his funeral in Hawaii this coming weekend. Harry Reid said he and other Senators ‘want to attend.’ Hawaii if of course 6,000 miles or so miles away from DC.

Aren’t these idiots supposed to work for us? At least, that’s how it used to be.

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