Jake Tapper leaving ABC ‘News’ for CNN just days after confronting Obama on gun control

abcLooks like ABC really wasn’t too happy with Tapper’s confrontation with Obama at his press conference yesterday, asking him where he’s been over the last four years. Jake Tapper is leaving ABC, but he’s going to CNN. That sounds like career suicide to me as nobody watches CNN, and they are equally as biased as ABC, but to each his own. Hard core leftist Jonathan Karl will become ABC’s Chief White House Correspondent and Martha Raddatz, the left hack who hassled Paul Ryan during the VP debate with Biden will take an ‘expanded role’ as Chief Global Affairs Correspondent.

ABC will no longer have Jake Tapper to make him look like a ‘non-biased’ reporter, and become even more left wing biased. CNN, with their faux moderate face they try and put on will have Tapper who will fit into the mantra, though no one will see it.

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