Weeper Boehner threatening to take away House members gavels, chairs on committees if they don’t vote for ‘Plan B’

crybaby-boehnerIf Weeper Boehner from Ohio, or is he from Chicago? Sounds to me like he’s more of a Chicago thug politicians, threatening other Republicans if they don’t get in line, and vote for Weeper Boehner’s ‘Plan B’ later today. Apparently, the crybaby Boehner is threatening other House Republicans that he will yank their gavels, committee chairs, etc if they don’t fall in line and vote for a bill that wouldn’t even get a vote in the Senate, and that Obama has threatened to veto. Enough is enough with the mentally unstable Boehner. The GOP better elect a new Speaker for the 113th Congress.

The vote was expected around 6pm Pacific Time.

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