John Kerry with a net worth of $190 million (mainly from his ketchup wife Teresa Heinz nominated as Obama’s Secretary of State

john-kerry+You see, not all rich people are bad. John Kerry (far left Democrat) and Vietnam traitor has a net worth of about $190 million. If you are a far left progressive liberal Democrat who marries into wealth like John Kerry did with ketchup wife Teresa Heinz you are considered a good person. Even with Kerry’s net worth and traitorous acts on Vietnam, he’s been ‘officially’ nominated as Obama’s Secretary of State to replace yet another rich Democrat, Pant Suits Hillary Clinton. Kerry will have no problem sailing through the confirmation hearing, as even the squishy RINO Republicans love him. Had this been Mitt Romney or another Republican with this net worth, the class warfare would be in full effect.

This will free up another Massachuttes Senate seat after loony toons fake Indian Elizabeth Warren won this past election. Expect RINO Scott Brown to take a run at Kerry’s vacated seat.

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