Deport Piers Morgan White House petition surpasses needed 25,000 signatures

piers-morgan-asshole-britI guess people really don’t like CNN’s arrogant, snotty, anti-second amendment Brit Piers Morgan. In under 48 hours on the White House site, the petition to deport Piers Morgan has surpassed 25,000 signatures, reaching the threshold needed to ‘advance to the next round.’ Poor Piers Morgan has been showing his frustration on Twitter over the deport petition. He even called Wayne LaPierre a ‘tool’ on Twitter after his Meet the Press interview today.

Ironic that Piers would call anyone else a tool when he is the definition of one. Piers Morgan is also a tosser. Hopefully he’ll get his ass tosed out of this country. Go back to Great Britain you snotty hack!

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