Far left crank Juan Williams – if you have a mentally ill family member, government shouldn’t let YOU have a gun (Video)

juan-williams-far-left-crankYou know, I still can’t for the life of me figure out why conservatives came to Juan Williams’ defense when NPR canned him. He’s a hack, NPR had plenty of those, and Fox News has plenty of leftist hacks too. Now the nut job Obama licking leftist is suggesting that if there’s ANY member of your family who has mental illness, then YOU should not be allowed to buy a gun. I’d understand Williams point if he said the person with the mental condition shouldn’t be allowed to buy a guy, but if you simply have someone in your family, that should forbid you from your second amendment rights? That would pretty much eliminate anyone from having a gun in this day and age. Of course that’s what far left cranks like Juan Williams wants anyway.

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