Latest rumored replacement for Speaker of the House replacing Weeper Boehner: Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy

crybaby-boehnerNo thanks on Kevin McCarthy, I’d rather have Paul Ryan. McCarthy was rumored to be one of Weeper Boeher’s henchmen threatening House Republicans if they didn’t vote for the now dead Weeper Boehner Plan B. Kevin McCarthy, like Boehner threatened to take away members chairs on House Committees if they didn’t vote in line with Boehner. Breitbart spoke to a GOP strategist who think McCarthy will replace Boehner. I doubt if Boehner had the votes to be re-elected as Speaker that his henchman McCarthy would be any more successful.

With all the talk surrounding moves to unseat House Speaker John Boehner, Republican strategist Dee Dee Benkie told Breitbart News on Saturday she thinks his replacement should be Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy.
“Kevin is number three in House leadership. It’s not a stretch,” Benkie said. “Kevin is very likeable. He’s got a different personality – he’s from California. He’s not the typical guy. He has a tendency to make things happen.”
“For the sake of change we need to do this,” she added. “We need to show Americans, and we need to show our party, that we are starting anew.”
Benkie said she thinks McCarthy can keep the GOP from going the way of the Whigs by making it more modern.

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