NBC hack David Gregory under investigation for ‘allegedy’ violating DC gun laws with stunt on Meet the Press to bash NRA Wayne LaPierre

nbcOn Sunday’s Meet the Press, David Gregory of NBC tried to pull off a little stunt while bashing NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre by brandished a 30-round magazine purportedly for an AR-15 or similar “assault rifle.” In Washington DC< having such a magazine, empty or otherwise violates DC gun laws, and carries a maximum of one year in jail. The only real question now is if what Gregory waved around was a real magazine or a ‘fake one.’ According to Breitbart, Washington D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier has confirmed that the department is looking into allegations that NBC’s David Gregory violated D.C.’s gun banning laws during a recent taping of Meet the Press.

Breitbart contacted the office of the police chief and asked if there were any plans to look into this apparent violation of the District’s gun laws. In response, Chief Lanier replied, “Yes, we are investigating the incident to determine if the magazine was in fact real.”
We will continue to watch this developing story.

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