Webster firefighter killer William Spengler already banned from owning guns – laws prove useless again

bushmaster_ar15_carbineYou knew it would happen. Within seconds of William Spengler luring firefighters to his burning home, he shot and killed two of them. The fascist anti-second amendment nuts and media yet again started calling for strong gun laws in this country because of another tragedy in which someone used a gun. Problem for the fascist left is that William Spengler, the killer of the firefighters in Webster, New York was already prohibited BY LAW from owning any guns. A lot of good that did huh?

Spengler served 17 years in prison for killing his grandmother with a hammer in 1980. He was convicted only of manslaughter, and was paroled in 1998. It seems that stronger sentencing for convicted murderers might be a more worthwhile goal of liberals seeking to prevent gun violence.

This was of course a felony, prohibiting William Spengler from owning any guns because of federal law.

So what’s next for the fascist left? Inviting a time machine so convicted felons like Spengler and prevent them from obtaining a gun in the first place?

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