David Gregory will not be on Meet the Press this coming Sunday after NRA stunt (due to sudden vacation)

nbcHeh. I guess that little stunt by David Gregory and NBC over this past weekend with the with the waving around an ammunition magazine on Meet the Press that violated DC gun laws didn’t work out so well. David Gregory is reportedly under investigation by DC authorities after the NRA stunt (of course had that been you or me, we’d be in jail right now) It’s gotten to the point that David Gregory will not appear on this coming Sunday’s Meet the Press. NBC claims David Gregory has a vacation scheduled December 23rd till January 5th. Amazing timing of course since there wasn’t any known previous announcement of this. It’s also ironic that the start of David Gregory’s ‘vacation’ was due to start on the same day his little NRA stunt occurred on Meet the Press, December 23rd. Yea, you can figure it out. Tim Russert rolling in his grave watching what has happened to Meet the Press and NBC.

After a controversial appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press where host David Gregory drew police’s attention by allegedly brandishing a banned large-capacity rifle magazine, NBC announced that Gregory will not be hosting this coming weekend’s show.

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