Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf passes away at age 78 – leftists, Democrats and Obama voters cheer

democrat-logoAmerican patriot and retired Gen. H Norman Schwarzkopf has passed away at age 78. Schwarzkopf lead the ‘Desert Storm’ mission in the early 1990s under George H.W. Bush that drove Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait. ]

As usual, left wing scum, and Obama Democrats are happy at the news of the passing of Norman Schwarzkopf..

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  • SteveAus

    Schwarzkopf war hero?

    My ass.
    Any monkey could have taken his place and achieved the same in Iraq,

    It made
    me sick to see all the media promote this impostor as a hero after the one
    sided carnage he led. $200 Billion in weapons against a
    helpless people was a disgrace.

    bastard couldn’t wait to get in there. Whilst he sat back with his daily box of
    donuts, hamburgers and cigars, this fat, gluttonous, unfit fuck
    personally directed the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and

    A real
    hero doesn’t stand before the cameras at every opportunity with his
    chest bulging out as though he had just conquered the odds. Hardly.

    famous generals leave behind famous quotes. He made sure he threw in his share.

    IQ of
    160? Wonder who the tester was? Rumors have it was George Bush, say no more.

    has had some great people from all walks of life, worthy of their place in

    As far as
    this garbage excuse for a human being is concerned, the quicker he is
    forgotten, the better.

    Mayans were right when they predicted events after 21 Dec 2012 will make for a
    better world. This prick’s death is one.

  • playacentral

    Leftist, Democrats and Obama voters? How are you surmising that personal information about them from those tweets? I’m not criticizing, I’m genuinely asking.