Shh. Don’t tell the media – Obama signs executive order giving pay hikes to Joe Biden, Congress, Federal Workers, Judges

obama-dick-in-mouthOk. Lets try and get this straight. Obama shows absolutely no leadership with the whole fiscal cliff crisis, as consumer confidence is in the toilet and Christmas sales were at their worst levels since 2008. But he has no problem signing an executive order giving idiot Joe Biden a pay raise, a long with every member (House and Senate) of the do nothing Congress? Oh, for good measure, Obama decided to toss over some more of our tax money to Supreme Court and other judges in the country’s judicial system. What the hell exactly earned these frauds higher tax payer funded salaries? Oh, and it was done by a big secret executive order, so the corrupt media doesn’t have to cover it. So basically Joe Biden, the do nothing Congress and federal workers get a Christmas bonus while all other ‘commoners’ will get tax hikes on January 1st (regardless of Fiscal cliff.)

For a little perspective, Joe Biden will make over $6,500 more than he made last year. This on top of him charging rent to the Secret Service who protect him, in which he makes about $21,000 per year.

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