Journal News to publish even more personal information of law-abiding gun owners in Putnam County, New York

bushmaster_ar15_carbineI think it’s time for someone to post the personal information of all so called ‘real journalists’ at the Journal News fishwrap. Looks like they are about to double down on publishing information on law abiding gun owners, and according to Breitbart plan to make another ‘interactive map’ of gun owners in Putnam County, New York.

The New York newspaper that drew criticism for publishing the names and addresses of hundreds of legal gun permit holders is doubling down by publishing the personal information of even more law-abiding gun owners.
To great criticism, the Journal News published an interactive map showing the names and addresses of the legal gun owners in Westchester and Rockland counties just before Christmas.
Now the paper has announced it will next publish the names and addresses of permit-holders in Putnam County with an eye toward eventually politicizing the names and addresses of every gun owner in the state.

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