Obama to put his ‘full weight’ behind gun control

obama-faceIf Obama wants to put his ‘full weight’ behind gun control, wouldn’t he be better off putting Moochelle Obama’s weight instead? Obama is a scrawny little punk while Michelle Obama packs meat on her bones. In a drooling interview with NBC, Obama made his statements about putting his ‘full weight’ behind gun control to David Gregory on Meet the Press. You may remember gun grabber David Gregory. Last weekend on Meet the Press he violated DC gun laws by having in his possession and waving around a high capacity weapon magazine. As you would expect, nothing happened to Gregory simply because he is a part of the DC elite. Still, I wonder how he cleared Secret Service to interview Obama. NBC had originally yanked David Gregory from this weekend’s Meet the Press, claiming he was on ‘vacation.’ I guess Gregory ended his vacation early or something.

So now you know Obama’s second term agenda. The first was the socialize medicine and he succeeded. Now it will be to disarm law abiding Americans.

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