Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted to New York-Presbyterian Hospital with blood clot

hillary-clinton-looking-at-christina-aguilera-boobsI’m not a progressive liberal. I’m not going to wish anything bad on Hillary Clinton. But the Secretary of State as reportedly been admitted to New York-Presbyterian Hospital due to a blood clot stemming from the concussion she sustained weeks ago. Stay strong Hillary. You’ve survived BJ clinton’s public affairs, you can survive this.

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  • hutchrun

    She was supposed to get back to answering the Benghazi hearings but now has a clot.

    Reminds me of Corporal Clott in the Beano/Dandy Comics ….”The tales revolved around Corporal Clott’s bungling exploits, which often brought the entire Army to its knees: or at least, to the vast base that he resided in.”