Minority Leader RINO Mitch McConnell announces agreement on all the tax issues in the ‘fiscal cliff’ measure – NO spending cuts

mitch_mcconnellAnd there you go. The Republicans fold like a cheap suit. Mitch McConnell has announced that Republicans and Democrats have agreed on the ‘fiscal-cliff’ tax measures, in which tax rates will ‘officially’ go up on those making $400,000 per year and couples/small businesses making $450,000. The deal will include NO spending cuts of any kind. and does nothing about sequestration.

Instead, McConnell wants to wait on spending cuts and find a ‘smarter’ way to fight spending. So yet again the so called ‘balanced approach’ includes tax hikes and no spending cuts. Obama shoves it int he face of Republicans and they cower to him like an abused child. we don’t have two parties in this country anymore. The Democrats and Republicans are both equal.

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