Anti second amendment leftist Leo Terrell debates like a liberal – covers head/ears when challenged by Sean Hannity with O.J. Simpson (Video)

leo-terrell-batshit-crazyWhat occurred on the Sean Hannity show tonight was a perfect illustration on how a leftist liberal debates. Leo Terrell is a ‘civil rights attorney,’ known race hustler, far left, Anti second amendment hack. He’s also pals with O.J. Simpson. While debating gun laws in this country on the Hannity show, Terrell did would most leftists do, try and politicize the Sandy Hook tragedy to use for his anti 2nd amendment talking points. Hannity actually challenged Leo Terrell when the topic of ‘mental illness’ came up and mentioned to Terrell that he’s buds with O.J. Simpson. So what does the leftist Leo Terrell do? He covers his head and ears, and refuses to complete the debate. What happened in this interview/debate was vintage progressive liberal from Terrell. The only thing missing was the calling of Sean Hannity a racist or something.

Well done revealing the leftist mindset, and debate tactics Mr. Hannity!

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