Firearm Sales jump a whopping 39 percent In December despite leftist-media fear mongering. Up 19% for all of 2012

bushmaster_ar15_carbineI guess all that left wing fear mongering about guns and how evil they are backfired. Firearm sales in December of 2012 were up a whopping 39%. For the entire year of 2012, firearm sales were up 19% over 2011.

Washington D.C. saw the largest year-to-year increase with sales jumping 49.7%.  Wisconsin followed with 45.4%, then New Jersey with 42.5%, New Hampshire with 40.9% and Rhode Island with 39.3%.

Each of the 50 States and Washington, D.C. saw an increase in background checks in the month of December 2012, with every state posting an increase of at least 12%.

The top five states that saw the largest December increases were as follows:
Georgia, 66.3%
Oregon, 63.1%
New Hampshire, 60.7%
Texas, 60.2%
Montana, 58.3%

Now wtf are deep blue states like Oregon and New Hampshire seeing such a spike in firearm sales? Don’t these leftists who vote year after year for Democrats realize how evil guns are?

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