How about Nanny Bloomberg’s strict gun laws? 9 people shot to start off 2013 in New York City

nanny-michael-bloomberg-nazi_0Happy New Year anti-second amendment nuts! In 2012 Chicago lead the way with most gun crimes/killings despite deadfish Rahm Emanuel’s strict gun laws. So how does 2013 start off? 9 people shot just hours into the new year in Nanny Bloomberg’s New York City! How abut those strong gun laws and soda size limiters in New York!

Nine people have been shot since the city welcomed in 2013, police said.

Gunfire first erupted at around 2 a.m., when two people were hit with bullets in separate incidents.

In the first shooting, which happened on White Plains Road and Seward Avenue in the Bronx, a 32-year-old man was hit in the stomach and taken to Jacobi Hospital, cops said. He is in stable condition.

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