Paul Ryan on Twitter in December says how bad Obama’s tax hikes are (that he voted for)

paul-ryanYou know, when Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan to be his running mate in August, I thought he was a great pick. My first choice of course at the time was Marco Rubio, but Paul Ryan was a sold choice in my opinion. What followed was a lackluster campaign by Ryan, and miserable debate performance against the dunce Joe Biden, and the failure to win his home state of Wisconsin in the general election that Scott Brown won in 2010, and then with a bigger margin in the recall election. So what does Paul Ryan do since the election? In December he tweeted about how bad Obama’s tax hikes were for job growth and don’t fix the debt crisis. So what does he do today? He votes for the tax hikes that are bad for jobs and don’t fix the debt. The bill raises taxes on 77.1% of American households.

I had high hopes for Ryan, but he’s nothing more than your country club Republican, just like Boehner.

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