Weeper Boehner to Harry Reid: Go f-ck yourself! Me to both of them, GFYS!

crybaby-boehnerOh, so Weeper Boehner is mad at Dingy Harry Reid. Isn’t that cute? Allegedly both Boehner and Harry Reid met last Friday in the Oval Office. Boehner for whatever reason ‘allegedly’ pointed at Dingy Harry and said ‘Go F-ck Yourself’ twice. Apparently Weeper Boehner later bragged about his profanity tirade to Reid to fellow Republicans. As far as I’m concerned, both of them can GFYS. They are both equally useless and responsible for the mess the country is in (along with King Hussein.) With the exception of a small handful of conservatives, neither part Democrat or Republican is worth their weight in gold.

Still, every now and then you get a story that surprises you.

For instance, we knew Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) were not exactly on friendly terms. However, we were unaware that it allegedly came to a head last Friday when the two ran into each other outside of the Oval Office.

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