Despicable! Dingy Harry Reid – Hurricane Katrina Was ‘Nothing In Comparison’ To Sandy (Video)

dingy-harry-reidI’m really getting sick and tired of these pathetic leftists over dramatizing things like natural disasters or shootings. Pathetic Dingy Harry Reid has declared that Hurricane Katrina Was ‘Nothing In Comparison’ To Sandy. Is that so Dingy? Is that why the $60 bill ‘aid’ bill is comprised of about 50% pork for other states that have absolutely nothing to do with Sandy? Is that why fisheries in Alaska and Mississippi need their money? Hurricane Katrina was the costliest natural disaster in American history, followed by the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. But according to Reid, Hurricane Katrina Was ‘Nothing In Comparison’ To Sandy? Give me a f*cking break already.

Are there any Republicans who will call out pieces of garbage like Reid over these absolutely disgusting remarks?

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