NBC propaganda Meet the Press – National Debt shown is $3 trillion off actual total – David Gregory still not in jail for violating DC gun laws (Video)

nbcWhew. I thought the national debt was a big problem. But Meet the Press only showed the national debt at around $13 trillion. Whew, and here I thought we were headed for $20-25 trillion by the end of Obama’s second term. Oh wait, NBC propaganda lied again, showing the national debt only about $3 trillion or so off what the actual total is. The current national debt is around $16.5 trillion as of today, Meet the Press showed an old video clip in the corner of the national debt when it was ‘just’ $13.15  trillion or so. Oh and BTW, why isn’t David Gregory in jail yet for violating DC gun laws? If that had been you or me, we’d be serving hard time right now.

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