Disgusting! NBC-MSNBC features Patricia Maisch refers to kids who died in Newtown as ’20 little martyrs’ (Video)

msdncNBC and MSNBC are beyond pathetic. That’s common knowledge. But you would think Patricia Maisch who survived the Tucson shooting two years ago today would have a little more respect for the families of the children who died last month in Newtown than this. Apparently, Patricia Maisch calls those children ’20 little martyrs.’ You know, like radical Islamists call suicide bomber, or airplane hijackers?

This is the pathetic leftist mindset. Even someone like Patricia Maisch who survived Tucson thinks of everything, even dead children as politics, and a way to not let another ‘crisis go to waste.’

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  • Sean Maisch


    First, I would like to introduce myself as the son of Patricia Maisch. After watching the interview my mother gave, reading your criticism, and speaking directly with my mother, I wanted to make a statement on her behalf.

    Allow me to apologize for the misuse of the word “martyr” on my mother’s behalf. Indeed, “martyr” is a misnomer for the innocent victims of senseless gun violence. They did not choose for their lives to be taken from them. Victims who also survive gun violence and bare their physical and psychological scars did not choose to endure such hardship. My mother has privately acknowledged with me that she chose her words poorly and I have advised her to be more cautious moving forward.

    It is easy to criticize her for being somewhat dramatic with her incorrect word choice, but I ask you to empathize with me for a moment. Not many of us will have the opportunity in our lives to be interviewed numerous times, without proper advice or guidance, and make zero mistakes. I am not asking for your pity, but your understanding. It is a stressful undertaking, especially after enduring such hardship, and she has done so many times since the January 2011 shooting in Tucson, Arizona. I have been there with her as much as possible to give her the support and guidance she needs as she navigates the murky waters of the media.

    Television and radio, unlike written journalism and the internet, has no undo or backspace. Even further, it is difficult to retract a statement at her level of renown in the media. They often aren’t interested in running that. Only people with greater clout are given the slim opportunity to retract or clarify what they’ve said. Surely we are all human and we say something that comes out incorrectly from time to time. Even politicians, who are professionally trained to speak eloquently and precisely, make mistakes. I ask for your understanding in this matter, as a human being. Please don’t discount the issue at hand because of my mother’s verbal fumble.

    Your debate is much appreciated and encouraged. I consider our freedom of speech one of the most valuable American rights and I respect your statements. Thanks for exercising your rights.

    Sean Maisch