Racist cornball brother Rob Parker again questions Robert Griffin III ‘blackness’ – ESPN finally fires him

abcIt took another racist comment from cornball brother Rob Parker questioning Robert Griffin III ‘blackness ‘ for ESPN/ABC/Disney to finally fire Parker, but it happened. Had Rob Parker kept his racist mouth shut, he would have been back at the East Coast biased ‘Sports’ network with a culture of racism and nothing would have been said. Instead, Rob Parker appeared on  a Detroit television station and  suggested Griffin ‘pushes away’ from ‘his people.’ Parker of course denied he was questioning Griffin’s “blackness.”  What was he talking about then? His shoes?

Last weekend, Parker, who is black, made more inflammatory comments in an interview with a Detroit television station when he suggested Griffin “pushes away” from his “people,” but Parker continued to deny he was questioning Griffin’s “blackness.”

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