The smell of sulfur getting stronger – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will not be sworn in on Inauguration Day January 10

obama-kissing-hugo-chavezThe smell of sulfur around Hugo Chavez is getting stronger. It’s gotten so bad that the socialist POS and Venezuelan President wouldn’t be able to make his inauguration on January 10th. Sean Penn, Obama, and other left wing radicals in this country are undoubtedly depressed today over the news.

Venezuela’s vice president said in a statement Tuesday that the inauguration would occur before the country’s Supreme Court at a “later date,” hours after the opposition called on the nation’s top court to decide whether that’s possible.
Chavez has been undergoing cancer treatment in Cuba for the past month, most recently experiencing respiratory complications.
Venezuela’s Constitution provides guidance on what should occur if a president cannot be inaugurated before the National Assembly, but supporters and critics of Chavez have different interpretations.
A statement from Venezuela’s vice president read before lawmakers Tuesday said that the constitution authorized “at a later date, the swearing-in before the Supreme Court.”
“The process of post-surgical recuperation must continue past January 10 of this year, so he will not be able to appear on that date before the National Assembly,” the statement said.

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