2009: Chuck Hagel says Iran needs need development, investment and incentivizing (Video)

chuck-hagel-jew-haterObama’s anti-Semitic nominee to lead the Pentagon, Chuck Hagel is a big fan of Iran. In 2009, on ‘Morning Joe,’  Hagel argued for incorporating economic development in Iran into U.S. foreign policy in a 2009. Hagel argued for the needed of America to help develop, invest in, and incentivize Iran.

CHUCK HAGEL: Well, I have always believed, Mike, that it’s kind of like a deal that you make with any situation in life—everybody has to get something out of it. What you do is drive to the core of the common interest of a country. We have some common interests with Iran. For example, Afghanistan; when we first invaded Afghanistan, we worked very closely with Iran in the first year and a half, two years, on intelligence sharing and gathering on that border for a lot of reasons—it wasn’t because they supported the United States, it was in their interest. And to your question, on the economics, their position, their geopolitical position, especially with the resources they have in oil and natural gas, they need development, they need investment, they need incentivizing, all of that. There are ways to work that into the more comprehensive strategic foreign policy for both countries, and the region.

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