Forward! Six Muslim Brotherhood operatives-Islamist activists in Obama regime

obama-muslim-funnySIX Muslim Brotherhood operatives/Islamist activists are reportedly a part of the Obama regime, and this doesn’t even include Hillary Clinton’s BFF Huma Abedin. According to Investigative Project, there are not zero, not one, not two, but SIX Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the current Obama regime:

The site mentioned above states that these six Muslim Brotherhood operatives enjoy a ‘strong influence over US policy.’

So basically these six individuals are the near equipment of Valerie Jarrett, the un-elected Iranian born Obama staffer who reportedly calls the shots

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  • joepotato

    It’s what they call “civilization jihad” when they get inside the gates of their sworn enemy. Somebody is pushing the envelope on a treason charge.

    • William Wiley Bolton

      Not being a citizen, Obama cannot be charged as traitor. He is an enemy!

      • joepotato

        Treason and/or espionage are valid options…

    • MaeBelle Barger

      “Somebody” is Obama and he has done so much that is unconstitutional and treasonous ….He should have been impeached or hung long ago….Congress will not do Congressmen/women who support this fraud MUST be removed from office….RECALL them or at least vote them out in the next election…if there is a next election…We have a Dictator in the WH…..

      • joepotato

        Right now that’s a mighty big “if.” (the next election)

    • Ian MacLeod

      That envelope is ruptured! Whatever he mumbled in secret the SECOND time he supposedly took the oath, the FIRST TIME he DID swear the Oath of Service, and he has broken that into a thousand tiny shards – so he IS GUILTY of treason! Considering what the results of it can be, I’d have to say it qualifies as High Treason. There can also be a good case made for calling him a foreign enemy agent. Add up the damage he;s done from THAT standpoint, add up his war crimes, THEN add up the people near him or too near the wrong information who’ve had “unfortunate, fatal accidents” and you stretch coincidence MUCH too far! I don’t care WHAT E.O. or anything else says that assassination is okay – IT ISN’T! It’s as fundamental a violation of ethics and morals as there is! No – once he’s in court – Hell, once he’s really under investigation – the man is screwed. There’s only one possible outcome once that gets going, and I WISH IT WOULD! The “elites” need an example showing them they are NOT “superior”, nor are they immortal!


  • William Wiley Bolton

    They did not infiltrate, they were welcomed with open arms as he is one of the brotherhood. He wants our guns while giving our tax dollars to the muslim brotherhood in Egypt as they operate an AK-47 Factory with the stated mission of arming every jihadist in the world with full auto machine guns. Obama isn’t even a traitor as you have to be a citizen to be a traitor and he is not a citizen of the USA. There has only been disservice to the USA by Obama. We are being set up and the election was thrown by vast voter fraud. He should be impeached immediately. Openly criminal acts have been committed all along during his administration and both political parties have failed to serve the citizens of the USA. Romney should not be President either as I heard him support what I know to be felony fraud.

    • Glen trs

      but romney understood the 47% issue, that obama is growing massivly.

    • Ian MacLeod

      Not sure about all that. Was he ever naturalized, maybe through his mother? He DID take the Oath of Office at least once. There are other circumstances as well that might make him legally an American, though NEVER eligible for President. In that he IS a usurper, a foreign agent, a mole and an enemy agent. Regardless, he’s eligible for arrest on COUNTLESS charges! Now who’s going to do the damned job??

      • Takiwiaa

        A naturalized citizen is not eligible to be POTUS or VPOTUS, so it’s really irrelevant. These are the only two positions that require the status of Natural Born citizen. In order to be a Natural Born citizen, one must be born in the U.S. and have two parents who are citizens of the United States at the time of the subjects birth. Obama does not qualify.

  • salvagesalvage

    It’s hard to believe they call you guys whacked out loonies.


  • not a fool

    They couldn’t get to us from the outside but now they
    are inside working from within.

  • Glen trs

    wasnt this a homeland plot?? and funny how tv shows tell stories of our current state of affairs. could it be ??

  • Me

    The article forgot the most obvious one. You don’t infiltrate an organization headed by your own. Hand all 7 over to Egypt’s new regime.

  • Curtis

    No wonder Mr. Obama threatened to send in the Marines to protect and reinstate Morsi. All of the secrets end with Morsi, including the Gold of Gaddafi, the Benghazi assassination and the terrorist in Syria!

  • nonannystate

    My God! Eboo Patel is a member of an advisory board on faith-based neighborhood partnerships! This is terrifying!! We can’t let a muslim have a position on a minor advisory board with no power to do anything! Everyone knows the Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships wields all the power in Washington! He’s almost as powerful as the Joint Chiefs of Staff!

    Jump at shadows more, you bunch of bigoted wingnuts.

  • GeneralQuarters

    only six? Off with their heads the swine.

  • EllenBernal

    Our System allows this kind of betrayal. No one says a word or starts procedures to have these people removed. They are in very high positions and dangerous for our health. I know this for along time and its still going on. Remove this piece of S.hit and send him and the entire crew to prison forever.

  • teresa


  • Phil

    The Idiocracy is fully underway