Aurora Colorado shooter James Holmes on prescription meds and vaccines – media silent

james-eagan-holmes-orange-hairThe orange haired nut job James Holmes that shot up an Aurora Colorado movie theater and a big Batman movie fan was loaded up on prescription meds and vaccines, yet the media remains silent, and instead blames the gun, gun owners, or the tea party. As many as four prescription medicine bottles were removed from Holmes’ apartment, as well as immunization records. Why is the media silent on this fact? Is it because they take their marching orders from Obama to try and blame guns? Yes. But here’s another idea. Is the corrupt media so afraid to mention the prescription drugs because drug companies are such big sources of advertising revenue? You can make your own decision.

Or maybe it’s just the culture of violence movies like Batman ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ promotes.

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  • welldoneson

    Most if not all of theses shootings are a result of a systematic abuse of the public by senior bureaucrats, the people who set policy and decide what meds are availabe to doctors. These people KNOW who is stable and who is not and they know medication will not help some of them. This behind-the-scenes manipulation of the population has been going on for years and years; I say this because there is no way any rational person would design a system that lets obvious whackos like this twit run around free. And he’s not the worst; thousands of convicted felons, guilty of violent crimes, roam among us. Does this sound like a way to run a peaceful society? Not to me.